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I am trying to open a PNG file in Photoshop CS 4.

I get this error message:
Could not complete your request because the file format module cannot parse the file.

I thought Photoshop opened png files? Is there a way to open the file?
Yes, Photoshop does open, and create, png files. So it should work... I am not familiar with that error though. Sorry.

Edit - Um, I may be even more un-helpful than I first thought. I use Elements, not CS. So I guess I really can't assume that CS opens PNG files just because PS and PSE do. :doh:

CS does support .png. Never seen that message before and I use .png files all the time. Sounds like it could be a corrupt file. Did you try closing CS and restarting and try again. Maybe even restart your computer.

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Did a little searching and it seems the most common method of fixing that error is to try and open it in another program, like Irfanvew or MS's Picture Viewer, and then try it again in CS. From what I was able to find, CS won't open what it thinks is a damaged file, no matter how small the damage may be. But once it is opened in something else, it straightens it out and then CS no longer sees it as damaged.

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