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I am using CS4 with Windows 7. Is there a way of returning Filters to their default settings?
I have no idea, but I'll bump this up. Someone may be able to help you.

Courtney, thanks for bringing this back to the top.

081035 ,
To reset filters, try this - hold down the alt key & press the cancel button at the top of the dialogue box. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of a way to reset all the filters at one time. As far as I know, each filter will need to be reset individually. This works on CS3, XP. Hope it works for you.
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Thank guys. I will give it a try.
A "for sure" way is to use the same 3 finger salute used to fix things up in Elements.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift and launch CS5 - you will get a message box asking yes/no to delete Photoshop settings file. A yes response will turn everything back to "factory" settings, but everything, not just filters.

Might be worthwhile to save desktop workspace and/or take notes on any custom settings used.

Edit: You have to launch (double click) CS5, then IMMEDIATELY press and hold the 3 keys to get the message.
John, I am using CS4. Do you think your "3 finger salute" will work? Thanks for the information. I will give it a try.
I get the same message from CS3, so yes, I am very sure - give it a run!
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