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I spent much of yesterday creating albums . When I returned today to create more albums I could not get access to Organize. I bring up the program and click on ORGANIZE and that shuts it down -- back to desktop.

If I click on EDIT and then on ORGANIZER at the top right of that screen I get the message "The Organizer is currently busy and unable to process this request". Does anyone know what's going on here ?
Hi Jane,

It has been several hours since your post, I see "7 views" but no answers yet.
I don't use the Organizer so I can't even guess at why you are getting what you are. But, I do know that some of the helpful people here do like and use it.

I expect you will get an answer soon.

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Never experienced this, and not so much of an Organizer Guy anymore, but I suggest you start with the 3 finger salute start up.

The sequence us position fingers over CTRL+ALT+SHIFT keys, start organizer, then immediately press and hole the 3 keys. Should lead to a reset of preferences, and that may turn the corner.
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