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I had an issue with the display drop down box. It was grayed out at the top. What to do....Google,of course.
Come to find out many others have had the same issue with CS4. Seems there is an incompatibility between
CS$ and other third-party software. On-one isone and Nik is the other that come to mind....there were others also. So I took the suggestion from the Googled site and disabled(actually moved) the Nik Color Effex 3 for Wacom out of the Adobe plugins folder. I also moved the select tool from Viveza2(which I hardly ever use). And it worked like a champ. The real issue is who's at fault. Adobe says it's not their problem and the others are saying that it's a bug in CS4. FYI in case you stumble across this.
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This seems to be the usual response from Adobe.

I don't know if CS4 is the same as CS5 (the screen shots look the same) but in CS5, Adobe takes over the windows menu and uses its own menu bar management. It is the same deal in PSE9.

This leads to a lot of complaints re text size, contrast, etc and Adobe seems to be entirely indifferent to the user complaints.

The fact is that Adobe has chosen a path that means its Menu bar is not windows compliant and it should at least acknowledge the problems with that. On a good day, maybe even undertake to fix it?
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