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I have been playing around with Actions and am now trying to create droplets - without a great deal of success.

Any droplet-eers out there?
John, doing some googling found this, it is a tutorial on making them but says to turn into an action. I don't know if this will help but here it is

http://www.indigoproductions.com/free_s ... intro.html

Interesting tutorial, and one I want to go and look at again, but, not that kind of droplet. :cry:

Photoshop droplets are Actions turned into .exe files. When you drag and drop an image onto them, it is supposed to execute the action associated with that droplet and process the image.

Useful if you have an image browser that supports drag and drop and want to process images thru multiple choices of actions.
Ahhhhhhhhh, saw alot of those when I was googling..just google droplets for photoshop you will get a bunch.Sorry about the wrong info.
Well, it is a little more complicated.

I have installed my CS3 on 2 systems - Home and the one I use for presentations, etc.

Everything works fine on the Home system - an original install of CS3.

My portable one (where I originally installed and then let expire and uninstall the trial version of CS2) WILL NOT WORK with Droplets. :crying:

I have found references to the problem on ther Adobe forum and surprise surprise it is a known problem that Adobe ahas apparently ignored. I tried Adobe Technical support and gave up after 30 minutes. I Tried doing a repair. Next is to uninstall, reinstall and then see what happens.
Problem Solved. :chickendance:

Found this reference - http://www.adobeforums.com/webx?14@@.3bc3d8e6/16 - with Google and tried it out. Don't like messing with the registry, but it worked and my droplets are dropleting.

I tried deactivate, uninstall and reinstall and that didn't work, so had to get dirty.
:cheer2: good for you!!!!
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