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Linda, needs some help with this and I have exhausted my limited knowledge of CS3. Maybe one of you more advanced users can figure it out for her, please :pray:
here is link to the thread
Suzi, I just replied in that thread. I had the same problem and now have mine loaded here
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Plug-Ins

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LOLOLOL OMG Suzi, your to cute. You've helped me so much. I feel like I should send you something. Here you go :toast: - A toast to Suzi. If not for you I would still be in kindergarden :chickendance: CHEERS!! :woohoo:

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Thank you, Linda. but we still have to find the problem!!!!
So, now the question, has the problem (disappearing plugins) been solved?
Gee, I missed all the fun!!! Yes, John the problem was solved, I think.
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