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You may want to run an error check on your HD. Go to Windows Explorer and right click your drive and select properties. Then in the Tools tab, run the error checker. In the box that opens when you select the Error Check, pick both options and then let it run. Shouldn't take too long with the size drive you have, but you will need to go get a cup of coffee and let it do its thing. It will generate a report f it finds any errors. This will help you make your decision on how quickly (if the HD is the problem) you will want to address the issue.

HTH...let us know what you find! If you need help understanding the report, cut and paste it in here. :puter:

Defragging your drive may also help if that hasn't been done in awhile. Right click My Computer, select Manage, then Disk Defragmenter and then hit the Analyze button with your drive highlighted. This will generate a report on how fragmented your drive may be. I try not to let mine go beyond 10% total fragmentation and file fragmentation. Right now mine is at 7% total and 15% file fragmentation and it is telling me I don't need to defrag, but I will anyway 'cause thats the kind of guy I am! :rotfl:

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I hope you are getting things sorted out with your computer, Jen. I would be lost without mine.
I have not run the error report yet Gene but I will. Things around here should settle down and when the house is quite I will work on it. I have to have a clear head too. I get so frustrated with this computer because it's has never been right since i got it. Dell replace the last one that just went nuts and I made them replace it with a new one. It keeps getting slower and slower. I wonder if that is because of the small hard drive? I have 2 gb of ram on a dual core running vista.

I know Suzi, I would be lost without mine too. I'm hoping it can be done next month and I don't have to do something right away because it fails.

I will see what I come up with shortly. Thanks for all the help. :thanks:
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