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Having a problem with CS5 and the Edit, Preferences, Interface UI Font size.

Basically it doesn't work!

With my 1680x1050 monitor, the menu bar is a little challenging to read. The UI Font Size is supposed to compensate for that, but . . . .

Anyone try this in a PC or a Mac and does it work for you.

BTW, CS3 uses the system font settings to do this, in CS5 Adobe controls the screen and te system settings are ignored! :evil:
John: I have CS5 on an iMac computer. I hope the photo below is an answer to your question. I didn't try to change any of the settings, so it might not be any help to you.


That is the place you are supposed to tweak it in, but the feature doesn't work - or that is what I was saying at least.

I put in a service request to Adobe and got the following answer tonight

As you have mentioned that Photoshop CS5 is not changing the UI fonts
when you try to change it from small to Medium or large. I would like to
inform you that this change will only apply on panels and dialogs only.
The menu bar will not be effected.


I have replied asking if there is any way to make the Menu Bar a little better. Waiting for a reply.

P.S. I tried it out and sure enough, the text size does change in the panels, but not a lot.
I hope they get back to you with a fix.
Just an update on this.

I got a 24 inch monitor for Christmas and just set it up and stuff.

For the first time, I had to install the driver that came with the monitor as my video card did not support the native resolution of the new H/W - 1920x1080.

Did that install and image was much better and clearer and when I boosted the DPI setting it was perfectly readable. I boosted from 96DPI to 106DPI and low and behold - crisp, sharp and readable completely@

Moral of the story - always install the monitor driver when you get some new stuff - made all the difference in the world, especially with my WinXP system. Testing tomorrow with my Win 7 laptop.
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