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I meant to attach this



Jack, Have you recently changed your screen resolution or font size? If so, that might have caused the problem. (--just a long shot as far as an answer).

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Thanks for this link, Betty.
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Thanks Betty. It could be the problem although I have now sorted it out by deleting the DNG software and installing the latest version 9. The hardest part was finding where Windows had hidden the DNG Converter software (not in Control Panel>Programmes) Eventually found it, deleted it and installed Version 9. All is well. But to get back to your suggestion. I recently replaced my old/faulty monitor with another one of higher resolution, so that could be it, although I can't be sure as DNG Converter isn't something I use every week.
Thanks for updating us that all is ok since you installed new software.
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
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