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Betty your images are not showing. You do not have to have all the images you can fill a frame with different colors if you want to .
Betty , wow those are so cool!
First, thank you Judy for the fun template. What else can you expect from me but horses. Some are ours, others belong to some of the show people. I love this format because it will be good for so many things.


Louise that is a beautiful display. I like how you turned the frame. Thanks for playing.
Hi everyone my frame is still at 4 shared. I would love to see what how everyone uses it. I do think you have to sign up for a free account to download but not positive.
Thanks for the frame, Judy

I felt your lunch box frame was just the thing for this week. I can just imagine how many lunch boxes will have Easter eggs in them for the next few days. :biggrin:

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Oh Betty that turned out so cute!
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