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Russ i also think the poem is very touching . You put together a beautiful page.
Irv i love the uplifting feel of your page. (i need to snap a few flowers before they disappear.
Betty sometimes as in this case less is better. You sure get some awesome bird photos.
Christell i am with you anything i post feel free to scraplift.
Judy, thank you. I sure am glad you started this thread -- a great place for others to post beautiful Easter & spring pages :woohoo:
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Thanks for the reminder betty . I think i will go play at making some Easter goodies.
Here is my quick Easter page. wee ones are from morguefile.
easter-egg-huntweb.jpg (67.41 KiB) Viewed 297 times
Here is one more Easter fun page. I used stock photos from morguefile.
easter-egg-hunting-jaw.jpg (70.35 KiB) Viewed 292 times
Nice happy pages, Judy. Sure gets one into the Easter spirit. :)
I plan to post an Easter card soon, & hope others will as well.
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Several people said some wonderful things about the page I posted. I'd like to that everyone for the kind words and I'll work on a new page ASAP.
A very good friend of mine retired and is now living in Mexico's Baja. I made this "page" for him using the pictures he asked me to use. It's been framed and will be hanging on the wall in his Baja house.

He lives in a very small town on the Pacific Ocean with his wife. The ladies in orange are town people who have banded together to keep their beach town clean. By the way, my friend is a surfer and the waves in that area are excellent surfing waves [FYI: not all waves are good for surfing].

If you'd like to see a larger/better page open the link below. Plus you will be able to see a few other pictures from their new home town. ... &k=TthxC7P

Russ, looks like a fine group of folks who enjoy an active life. They will love the real nice page you made for them.
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Russ i love the clear clean crispness of the framing. And Russ i also would hang this on the wall. Wonderful job i know he loves it.
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