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My husband recently asked if I ever heard of Hart Island, located in the Long Island Sound not far from NYC. Being from Long Island, I was surprised that I hadn't. I looked up info online and found that the island was home to a POW camp during the Civil War. It is also the largest tax-funded cemetery in the country. It's closed to the public and you can only arrange a visit if you can prove you have a relative buried there. You can see some photos here - ... fault.aspx

I find it to be quite fascinating!
It is fascinating! Sad that so much has been left to deteriorate.
Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for the info and the link with the photos. I enjoyed looking at them.
You stated it is the largest government funded in the country. Typical of over paid government work and misuse of monies. This place could, and should be restored to condition fitting those who are interred there.
They fought for their belief, whether we agree with them or not. They are still Americans.

Thanks for the link,Amy. Is any restoration work being done there? Seems a shame to let a piece of history fall into disrepair.
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