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I am excited and wanted to share. I found this site spoonflower where you cab upload your design and have fabric printed. I am printing my ladybug on fabric! I can not wait to get my order. Just wanted to share my excitement.
Fun! What do you have planned for your ladybug fabric? And will it be one large ladybug, or fabric covered with lots of them?

Judy, that sounds very interesting. I'd love to see the product when you get it. Maybe a picture?
Courtney and Russ you bet i will post photos. It will have a blue background with lots of ladybugs, dots and little bugs. I think i may have went to large on the size of the bugs. But if i like it i may order some smaller ones.
Spoonflower is located in Chapel Hill, NC. We love it!
Thanks Amy i hope i do also. I just noticed what it says under my avatar now. I love it. Do not know when it changed but it sure made me smile.
Here is my first project. The fabric is exactly what i ordered cotton silk. Although i had the wrong type of fabric set in my brain , this worked just fine.
ladybug-curtains-jaw.jpg (59.66 KiB) Viewed 360 times
Judy, thanks for posting the fabric. It looks terrific :thumbsup: Sounds like it's good company, fulfilling your order exactly. I know you will enjoy having the cute ladybugs.
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Love the fabric. What a wonderful idea!!
Thank you Betty and Louise.
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