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Thanks for the fun parade pictures, Mary!

Thanks for your comments, Judy, Rusty, and Courtney. It was good to have something to do with those photos! Yes, small town parades are fun, but soon we're going to a real small town parade. DH's farm community hometown in Montana will be having its annual Swim Day parade and festivities to raise money to maintain the local swimming pool. The parade is always pretty much the same, but I love it!

Sorry you missed your parade, Rusty. While other parts of the country sweltered, we were just very happy to have a sunny day!

Also, for anyone who likes parades, I would recommend the book, Liberty, by Garrison Keillor which has the 4th of July parade in Lake Wobegon as a central theme - parts of it are pretty funny.

Judy, thanks for starting this thread. It provided some 4th festivity for us to enjoy. :thanks:

Courtney, I love the idea that Chris is celebrating the USA''s 4th with us. Great captures. Using the garage as a studio --- perfect solution. :thumbsup: - - - I never would have thought of that!

Mary, Love the coverage of the parade. Lots of fun photos for us to enjoy. :woohoo:
Looking forward to some Swim Day parade and festivities images.
(There was not much going on in my county, except trying not to start up grass fires, etc.)
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Thanks, Betty. I'll see what I can do about the Swim Day parade.

Mary i look forward to seeing them also.
Oops - we were in Montana and I was preparing to photograph the "Swim Day" parade the next day when we got a call that we had storm damage to our house in NE WA. Consequently, we had to rush back.
Darn - maybe next year.....
How unfortunate to have storm damage. Sure hope you are able to restore things soon & everything returns to normal quickly. Did the bees make it through OK?

btw: hope you (& others) will be able to post some upcoming summer fair photos here.
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Well, look on the bright side. Storm damage is always bad. An excuse for a new kitchen ... priceless!

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Betty, the bees did make it through all right, thank goodness. The tops were blown off the hives but easily retrived and put back on.

Rusty, we're thankful for getting a new kitchen but had no idea what a process it is to choose new cabinets, flooring, and countertops! It's all a learning experience! :)

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