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I've been away for awhile, returned home a few days ago from a trip. I've finally caught up with new postings.

I think I'm living through the Dust Bowl of the 1930s; my yard is looking like some of the Texas Photos Betty posted. I have not cut my grass in five weeks! The yard is simply too large to try to water so I just let it go dormant. I'm attempting to keep enough water on flower beds and edge plantings to keep them alive.
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Most of the trees still look pretty good but they are stressed and starting to drop leaves as if it was fall. The apples stopped growing about six weeks ago -- look at the size of the leaves in relation to the apple to visualize how small they are.
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Oh well, it could be worse.

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" - Dave Barry

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Oh Rusty i really hope that you get the rain you need. My grass is pretty much dead also.
Yep Rusty, your yard is starting to look like a North Central Texas summer yard.
Sorry, your weather is so drastically unusual.
Judy, sorry your area is suffering as well.
Mother nature needs to get things straight. Seems like Angela is getting all the rain that we need. (Lucky Duck, no pun intended) :)

Hope you had a great vacation, Rusty. You sure have been missed. Looks like Russ & Ladybug have been keeping the forum going, lately.

I haven't been able to post much lately, but more on that later.
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Really hot and dry here also. We have have had double the annual days over 30 celsius (87F) and up to 35 (95) for the first part of the year and we haven't hit the "Dog Days of summer" when they usually occur. And no rain for the last 6 weeks - up until today when we got a little sprinkle. We like most of North America or at least central and eastern parts need a nice 3 day rain to get things back on track.

Tough all over and more to come.
Here in Omaha we've had 12 straight days with highs above 90 - all but one of them over 95. Yesterday it hit 106 and today 105. Looks like the string may break on Friday - the predicted high is 88 - but the forecast is right back into the 90's on Saturday.

The last time we had any precipitation here was June 20. There's a 40% chance of precip on Wednesday this week, but it certainly won't be enough to do much.

DW and I were out in the countryside today. Crops, except where farmers are irrigating (a lot of them do), are in bad shape. Cornfields that are completely dried out and golden like you'd expect in the fall, and/or extremely stunted.

DW and I are blessed to have central air and no big reason to spend any time outside. There are lots of folks in our city who are not so fortunate. They are asking us to be patient about trash pickup so the guys who do that work can go a little slower and hydrate more. There are a couple of mobile home parks near us that are low income (at best). I can't imagine what it must be like for those families living in what amount to tin cans.
We are dry as a bone here in my part of Wisconsin. My bushes are all but dead and the Hosta have turned a nasty shade of brown. What used to be a wonderful green yard is now a golden brown and who knows if it will come back. We watered for a while but just to much to keep up with. I have watered flowers just to keep them going. With temps in the low hundreds I have even had to cool down the fish pond daily just to keep the fish alive. Worst drought I can remember. It will not be long and I will just let the flowers go also. The cost of watering is crazy. I do have one pump that we can pump from the ground water but the water table has dropped also and we just get a slow trickle from that now.

I am for everyone doing a rain dance and praying to the rain Gods to send relief to the dried up Midwest. :chickendance: :chickendance: I hope this helps.
Tina B
I didn't realize Ontario was in the same boat.

Irv, I know exactly of what you speak. My route home, across half of Colorado and then all of Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin (I-70 & I-80) was clear, dry and very hot. When we stopped for the day in Lincoln the car display said 103° and the next day, lunch in Dubuque, 102°.

Tina, it didn't fall below 100° until I passed Madison.

I will be very surprised if over half of my lawn isn't dead. Except, of course, for the weeds. They will come back just fine.

The past month and a half reminds me of my childhood in the South (in the days before air conditioning was common). My mother would give me a quarter and I would walk a mile to the theater that showed double-feature cowboy movies. I would spend the day. 10¢ to get in and the three nickles covered popcorn, a soda and a candy bar.

Today we can hibernate inside with AC.

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" - Dave Barry

If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough. - Robert Capa
Had clouds and the accompanying humidity today, but not a drop of rain....:( Our normal rainfall for this time of year is 2.75" far the total is only .75".
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f/16 on a sunny day.....:)
Wow, I didn't realize how bad it was in so many areas. I now understand that we've been really blessed here in Alberta - more than enough rain in June (although no major flooding) and a pretty normal July so far. Temperatures were cooler than normal in June, and nothing too hot in July. I hope the heat and drought breaks in your areas!

We've read about the effect that weather is having on the crops. Guess food prices will be going up.

We are still below normal rainfall, but this is our rainy season and we do get some rain 3 or 4 days a week...not always a lot, but it helps. At least we don't have temps in the 100's, mid 90's at most for us. But the humidity is tough.

Hope relief comes to all of your areas soon!!!
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