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The above is small selection from 1 single pool page on Flickr, which usually has 100's of thumbnails & takes forever to load.

In the past, when I wanted to view a single image enlarged, I would click on it to open it another tab/page, resulting in a wait, sometimes long.

Larry Becker (NAPP) offered this tip to speed up the process in Firefox & Chrome. (I don't know if it works in IE.)

While browsing over the page of thumbnails, control/command click on each image you wish to see enlarged. They each will load into their separate page/tab as you continue to review the remaining thumbnails. Then when you have reached the bottom/last thumbnail, all the individual enlarged images will be lined up & ready to review, since they have already loaded. It is so much faster to have them all loaded & waiting on their individual pages.

I sure hope I explained this clearly. Rather than a lot of shuffling back & forth between the thumbnails & individual images, I find this method saves time.

Likely most folks already know how to do this, but maybe, there is someone like me, who didn't.

btw: I found that the method works on the forum index page rolling gallery images. I Just control-clicked on each one & they all opened in their owners respective galleries individually & quickly. :)
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Betty i use that method a lot. I like using this method when i am downloading more than one item also.
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