Hi all,

I wanted to let you all know about how you can use your Photoshop skills with our free new iPhone video recording and sharing app, Jollyfy. Jollyfy allows you to create themes, frames, borders and templates using Photoshop that you can import into the app and then record videos with them.

For example: Make a fun Happy Birthday theme for a friend's birthday party and then share your theme with other people. All videos you and your friends record will all be branded or framed with the personal theme and will automatically create a group video album.

Using Jollyfy is simple: Select a theme and it appears directly in the camera viewfinder. Click record and your theme becomes part of your video.

The http://www.Jollyfy.com website has a video tutorial on making themes with Photoshop and also includes a "starter" Photoshop theme you can download and modify for your own use. You can also make animated or video-based themes using After Effects, Anime Studio, Blender, Maya, etc.

I hope you will try making themes for yourself and for your friends. I would also welcome your ideas and suggestions for the app and for themes.