Valerie posted on oru forum and is looking for advice from current PrestoPhoto customers! Anyone want to help her out?

I'm a semi-pro photographer and wish to create a children's book/story using my photos - 34-36 total - with simple text. Will I try to sell it? I'll try to create one first then make a decision.

Looking for a "standard" size (9x7?) with quality paper Some of my photos are vertical ("portrait") - most are "landscape" Don't know if a full-bleed is what I need though - PrestoPhoto is a wonderful site and customer service has been terrific via email but sure appreciate those who have "been there done that" for suggestions. I'm only creating one book to start to don't be fearful of what you'd consider "best" for me - template as well. I'm all ears - or in this case - eyes!

Thank you


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