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Harley Davidson is headquartered in Milwaukee. Every five years they put on a big birthday bash; this year is the 110th.

I do not go downtown to the lakefront where the big bash takes place. I seek out small spots close to where I live.

Here are some views I found yesterday:
Harley 1.jpg
Harley 1.jpg (137.6 KiB) Viewed 415 times

Harley 2.jpg
Harley 2.jpg (120.07 KiB) Viewed 415 times

Harley 3.jpg
Harley 3.jpg (136.45 KiB) Viewed 415 times

Harley Plates.jpg
Harley Plates.jpg (139.85 KiB) Viewed 415 times

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I love the Mickey American Flag Harley. Great shots glad you shared them.
That's a lot of bikes! Interesting photos.


When I first saw this posted I went Who is Harley?

Good one! Nice pictures also Rusty.
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