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My dear friends i am so heart broken to see our wonderful forum lose it's steam. I am not sure what happened. Now that we can not post photos. There is not much left. I do hope to see you all on other forums. Let me know where you are all going. So i can check out the forums and maybe still hear from you all. I mainly go to elements village now and you can always find me there. But i would love to try other forums if you guys find a great place let me know. I will check in here until that option is no longer available. To all my friends here you have made it a very special place to be for me. Thank you and Thank Presto Photo for all you have done for us.
Judy, you expressed my feelings as well.
When I find time, I look at elements village; operationphotorescue & kelbyone, but rarely post.
My days are very busy. I'm a part-time caregiver, amongst other duties. That leaves very little time for photography & forums, unfortunately
Best wishes to all forum friends. Hope to meet up with you in the future at another fun forum.
:wave & crying:
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Betty i know you have really been very busy. I hope you take a little time to rest it will be good for you. Even if it is a few moments. Look forward to continuing to hear from you.
Judy, thanks. That is good advice for all busy folks, such as yourself.
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Yes, I'm sorry, too, to see this site end. The challenge that you started, Betty, was great fun. Judy, I've seen you on Elements Village. My name there is arteest. (I joined with that name in 2004 but was pretty inactive until recently.) I must say I enoyed the interaction with people here and do miss you all.

Mary, I'll be looking for you at e'village

all other former regulars --- it sure would be nice to learn where you will be posting in the future
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Mary thanks for letting me know your village name! I look forward to catching you there.
Judy, just seeing your post. Haven't been on in so long. Now taking care of 2 grandkids and haven't had time to edit at all. so missing it. Still see you when I get time to check in at Elements Village.
Take care everyone.
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We can't post photos? Well, you can tell I haven't been here in a long time. I am not going to any sites, just not photographing and processing anymore. I too am sorry to see our community here go.

Courtney good to hear from you. I so miss our group.
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