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It was recently announced that Elements Village will be closing May 31. I hope to see many of it's members participating here in the future!

See the Board Index page, select a category & post something.If you have images to post, please use Pixentral, Cube Upload, etc.

(most of the images from previous years are no longer available for viewing, unfortunately )

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Hello all,
I am back.
Would be glad to see you there, all villagers !
Michel B
PSE6, 11,12,13.1 - LR 5.7 Windows 7 64 - OneOne Photo Perfect Suite - Canon 20D, Pana TZ6 - Fuji X100S
Most used add-ons: Elements+

Mes Galeries
oH MY GOODNESS i did not know this forum was back up and running. I am so happy. Thank you so much BJ for letting me know!
There have been some questions as to how Presto Photos feels about the forum.

I found some info in that regard here - in the 4th/5th paragraphs

btw: I'm not sure how current the part about the forum is at this time.

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Well, my login still works and thanks for allowing us to return.

Hi Rita i am glad to see you here.
Hi folks

I'm a migrant from Elements Village! ;) I hope that's OK with you all?

I certainly am pleased this site is running and am pleased to join you.

HI, I'm here.
I tried my Viovio PW and it the almost 10 years I've used them I never knew they operated this site.
Amazing how little activity, most recent posts date back to 2011.
I tried posting this message, clicked save as draft...and it disappeared...never to be found.
I hope this one gets posted.
I notice that many of the Smiles in the side panel appear as ?, I'll have to try Firefox...Safari seems to have many problems displaying icons...wish they would bring out of the old ages.

PS: just noticed, should have chosen Submit.
Hi Rita, Julie & papato2,
Nice to see you at this forum. :D
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Hi everyone my old login from way back still works. Wow !

Thank you BJ for alerting us .
I owe a big Thank you to the original members on this site and also to The Villagers and P.E.T members for so much help over the years.
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