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Hi everyone I'm another migrant from EV. I am temporarily out of commission as I had a computer crash and lost both of my electronic files of PSE & LR. I removed the hard drive and sent it to my daughter via snail mail for possible recovery. I should get a return USB within a couple of weeks if she can recover the data. I'll then use it as a Plug and Play mode until a better option comes along.

I have a good friend (very computer savy) who convinced me to convert over to a Linux 17.1 operating system. I have that in place now on a new computer, gifted by another daughter, and am in the middle of learning to navigate around in a different environment. I believe I will really like it. The big plus for me with this OS is no Adware, Malware, registry errors,virus' etc and all software is free , well at least 99.9% of it and there are currently 70,000 plus packages available for use. You would of course not down load all and probably a high % would not work with your current hardware but it is an interesting venture and I'm sure there are thousands of convert's daily.

I did get out yesterday and take a few shots of some little spring flower's, knotholes in the fence and a couple of mockingbird shots in my yard. They looked good in the view finder but terrible on the computer. I deleted all but one excdept one shot of a past due Dandelion. It is supposed to be sunny today so I'll try again. I need to build up a supply of images to work on if and when I get back in the business. I'm just a player not a real serious one either but I do enjoy photo editing. If I were a good photographer I would not need LR and PSE would I. ,,,,smile,,,, have a good day ,the Old Man is headed to his big chair with a fresh cup of coffee and then probably a short nap it's only 3:45AM.

Dick sorry to hear of your computer woes, i have been there before. I am looking forward to seeing some of your photo adventures. Welcome aboard Dick.
wow, it's great to see some of my folks from pse over here....Hey Frank, you'll never get rid of me...! :rotfl:
Hi Dick and Ladybug,,,feels like we are all moving to a new city... :woohoo:
So glad to see you here. I am excited. I am thrilled we all can still share each others creations and company. A few bumps in the road but they can be over come.
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