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Hi all -

Just checking in. Good to see so many smiling faces.

Hi! My old login worked.

Photoshop CC, Premiere and Elements 13
It is so exciting to see so many fantastic EV members checking in :woohoo:

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
I am so thrilled to see you all here! How wonderful. I am sure we will have some bumps in the road but that has never stopped us before.
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Count me as back also!
I could not get the old log in to work but I'm back here again. I hope we can get this going again and our family can be together again. I had to change the log in but what the heck.
I'm here!. Glad to see so many familiar names and faces. :)
Hello all!
Don't you think it's time to tell us about your return to Creative?
I'd like you to speak freely about this experience: maybe just a few words about what you feel for beeing back home. Maybe how you imagine a new life here.
Personnally, the most challenging question I have is : can we get in touch with the leading personalities of Creative who did not continue with EV?
We are a good number to begin something new, and the quality is there :D.
Let's begin to share ideas and be creative again!
Michel B
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Mes Galeries
Michel i just want to say a few words (i have a migraine so it will be very short). I am looking forward to a wonderful adventure we have a great group of friends here and i am excited.
Judy, thank you for your cheerful welcome sign. I just click on it & it popped up in a new window, which made it even more enjoyable !

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
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