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Hi All,

Just signed up and despite getting an error message, it seems the sign it worked. Mind you, I am doing this in IE from work, perhaps it works better in Chrome.

Despite smilies being "on", a lot of them have the big red X on them. Ah well, perhaps it will all be worked out once the people who own this forum are aware that a mass influx of people is coming their way soon.

I guess I better sort my profile out on here tonight.

Till then,
Finally got logged in.

Hi everyone!
Hi everyone,

Here I am! One more EV member coming aboard. I am so glad to be here and to see so many familiar faces. See you around!

PSE 7,10,11,12,13 - PS CC 2014 - Lightroom CC 2015
Windows 7 Pro - Windows 8.1
Just me signing in for the first time, thanks for the help in getting here.
Hi everyone!
Another village member reporting! Sign up went well.

Judy :wave:
Really just posting to check that I can. Will have to read through this forum sometime soon when I have a few spare hours! :D
It's wonderful to see all the EV members who have recently become Photoshop Creative members. :toast:

We have received a welcome message from Meghan, Primary Community Contact (Presto Photo). She, Spider (& others) are aware that more EV members might be registering soon. :thumbsup:

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Hi Everyone. I have come over from Elements Village also. Hope that we can get this up and running again.

Just to let you know, I made it. ;)

I'm very glad to see you folks here. Hope it will be a nice place to settle. :)
It's very late here, I will have to find my way around here tomorrow. :)
Hi everyone, glad to be part of another friendly village community. :wave:
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