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Been away for a long time, and when I did try to get back in, kept on getting redirected to another weird site. Tried a couple of tricks and gave up.

I dropped into the Elements Village site and saw that it is winding up and that this site was up(ish) again and tried it out.

Viola - it worked.

I know the conversation is ongoing and that this may not be a re-start here, but time will tell. I will keep on dropping in and see what develops here.
I have been away from here for so long I couldn't even log in and had to create a new account. It has been fun looking at some of the old posts and reading some of the things that I posted and thinking what the heck was I thinking when I posted that. :rotfl:
I hope we can get this going again here. I remember the contest for the header that is still there today.
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