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Hi everyone, just joining this site and hope everyone is doing okay. Is there somewhere on here to create an avatar beside your name? Just wondering...thanks
Welcome to Photoshop Creative Community!

On the upper, right side of the page is a blue icon with your username. Use the down-pointing arrow to find the user control panel link. You will find 'Edit Avatar' under Profile options.
The avatar size is limited to: maximum dimensions; width: 100 pixels, height: 100 pixels, file size: 15.62 KiB.
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
With the latest changes to the board, it has to be a 100 pixel circle - or parts get cut off - like my chicken avatar losing its head and tail-feathers.
Thanks Betty and John for your quick reply,,,I got it, but it sure looks small. I'll see if anyone can figure out what it is...Tell me what you think it is. And remember, I do "waterdrop photography". :bigwink:
Hmn. . .

Depending on the magnification, paramecium or amoeba? ?
I agree with Judy. After doubling the size and raising contrast they look like birds behind a window pane with water drops.
It might be clearer if you enlarged just the center and gave it more saturation and contrast. You could also make it a full 100x100 px.
So, what is it?
Hi again, hope that looks better, and forgot to give you all my web-site address...It's

let me know what you think! and thanks! :thanks:
Oh, I guess when you hit the edit button, it completely removes your post , so anyway, what I did say was it is 2 feet made out of waterdrops placed on a piece of glass. I thought it was cool and thanks for trying to guess everyone....
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