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Congratulations to the members of Elements Village on the creation of the new forum !
Wishing you many wonderful years and posts :toast:
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Glad they are up and running. :woohoo:

Hope it works out well for them all and that things keep going here.
I am thrilled that now i have two wonderful forums to visit. I am so proud of all involved in making both sites successful. Here is to many more years of friendship and enjoyment. :toast:
Sad news yesterday. Elements Village had to close prematurely on account of a hacking attack.
Here is how Rick Lepage informed the EV members on the Photoshopelementsandmore new site as well as in the Facebook EV forum:

Rick LePage

39 mins · Portland, OR, United States

I'm in the process of wiping out the Elements Village server right now. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but this morning has been just a bit overwhelming (I was away all weekend, and missed the original attack), and frankly, it is the right thing to do at this moment.

I don't know when I'll be able to reconnect the EV URL with a static web page -- it might be a few days, so if someone here could let the other community sites know about EV going away, I'd appreciate it.

It might have been one hacker today, but this is the type of thing that's been going on behind the scenes for quite some time. My biggest fears have always been that someone would hack into the member database and get usernames and email addresses. This latest attack isn't that -- it's a pretty blatant injection/redirect attack -- but I can't really protect the site at all at this point. With only a short period of time until the scheduled shutdown, it seemed appropriate to make the call.

As I said on EV a couple of weeks ago, there are some fine places for the members to hang out now, so, while I am sad about EV going away, I am heartened that the community will live on around the web.

Godspeed, everyone.


I think all EV members are sad today for the circumstance of that premature closing. At the same time, they are thankful to Rick Lepage for providing the opportunity for a smooth transition, and for being neutral for the choice of the EV follower.
There is no doubt the new Photoshopelementsandmore has had a good start.
The FB group has grown to a very active meeting place.

Now, what about our creative forum ? We are no longer a threat to the new forum. A hundred members or so have come back, which is excellent, but there has been scarce activity. It's time to discuss how to reactivate our Creativity forum.
(Please Betty and Jim, be ready to check your private messages...)
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I agree Michel we were very fortunate Rick gave us time to regroup elsewhere. I am looking forward to new adventures.
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