Got a link to a site that will further enhance your Elements experience? Post it here!
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Here are some actions for elements 6 and 5 ... house.html
Suzi YOU ROCK :woohoo:

Now I know why Suzi is for PREZ.

Thank you for the link
Thank you, Angela. I am helping to test these actions and so far the only one in the set that won't work in elements is the vivid color one. All others work.
Also free actions for Photoshop at that site.
update on this blog, she now has a template action and loading action for elements and photoshop. She has some pretty neat stuff!!
I downloaded the files for the actions and now what do I do with them? Where do I put them?
Tina B
Tina, what version of elements are you using?? I think she has install instructions on there also. I will take a look.
Yes, she does, here is the link ... tions.html
I am still using PSE 5. I did go and download the PDF with directions and will read that. If I have trouble I will post back. I see everyone using actions for this and that and decided it was time I learn how to use actions.
Tina B
Here is what I did and nothing shows up
c:/documents and settings/all users/application data/adobe/PSE/5.0/ photocreations/photoeffects.
I put the file with the unzipped and PSD files there. Same place as Grants tools? Nothing shows up.
What do I need to do?
Tina B
did you put the actions and psds in a seperate folder and give it a name. or did they come in their own folder?? You installed them with elements closed right? You put them in the right place that is for sure. What ones did you download. I will get them as see what happens with me.
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