Got a link to a site that will further enhance your Elements experience? Post it here!
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Another forum I'm on had this info. I tried out the basic (free) software, fun tools but will only render an 800 pixel image. Still fun to play with and the Artist version is reasonably priced.

Postwork Shop ( is a software which allows users to turn photos into artistic styles, develop their own styles. My understanding is that Postwork Shop could work either as a stand alone soft or as plugin. They will be releasing version 2.0 of the software on November 1st.

Simultaneously with the new version launch, they will be holding a Digital Art contest using the software that will have monetary prizes for the 1st-3rd place winners along with a free professional version of the software.

Postwork Shop will be looking for participants of Digital Art contest as well as judges.
Thanks for the link. There are some interesting sample pictures on that site.

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