Got a link to a site that will further enhance your Elements experience? Post it here!
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usually Lynda com requires a subscription to view videos, but these videos by Deke McClelland look free. Please let me know if you find one which is not free.
If you are interested in the new features, here is an easy way to see them in action. ... 406-2.html

list of videos (some might be for the extended version)
The secrets of the dark interface 03m 55s
Saving with Background Save and Auto Save 03m 22s
Cropping with the altogether revamped Crop tool 04m 00s
Using the consolidated Properties panel 03m 58s
Exploring the searchable Layers panel 05m 02s
Modifying multiple layers at a time 04m 50s
Exploring the wide world of layer enhancements 06m 48s
Using Content-Aware Move and Extend 06m 16s
Using Content-Aware Patch 03m 14s
Making powerful automatic color adjustments 06m 03s
Exploring the brave new world of Camera Raw 7 06m 16s
Using the new three-part Blur Gallery 08m 09s
Working with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter 07m 07s
Correcting wide-angle panoramas 07m 14s
Exploring text and style enhancements 04m 48s
Filling and stroking shape layers 04m 37s
Aligning and stacking vector-based shapes 04m 17s
Working with the Scripted Patterns feature 03m 32s
Using erodible brush tips and airbrushes 05m 44s
Working with the enhanced Liquify filter 04m 20s
Exploring the new Oil Paint filter 04m 10s
Selecting skin tones and faces 05m 11s
Using the new Lighting Effects filter 06m 29s
Editing videos in the Timeline panel 10m 16s
Making editable 3D type 08m 08s
Exploring 3D shadows and reflections 06m 35s
Aligning and distributing meshes in 3D 03m
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Thanks Betty. I will spend many minutes/hours going over those videos.
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