I came across a good source of fun patterns which are easy to use for creating backgrounds/materials for pages & other projects.
It's a 2 step process:
start here : http://www.redfieldplugins.com/SeamlessTiles/index2.htm
or here: http://www.redfieldplugins.com/SeamlessTiles/index1.htm

1. click on the pattern that you prefer & you will be taken to a page similar to this
http://www.redfieldplugins.com/Seamless ... eU0052.htm

2. right click on the small square on the upper right & select copy (it is permissible to use the pattern).
Then paste as a new image in photoshop & select define as pattern ( from the top menu - Edit)

To create a page background, I used a pattern adjustment layer, so that the scale could easily be adjusted. (more information about defining & using patterns can be found in the program's help section)

If different colors are preferred, add a gradient map, or a solid color fill adjustment layer in color mode, etc. -- vary opacity, etc.