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I've been thinking of buying Filter Forge for the last couple of years, & would appreciate any opinions about the program.
Seeing others' examples of what can be created with it would be helpful & interesting.
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I am not a user, but I used to follow Mark Johnson's (he has since gone frrom free to for fee services :crying: ) web site where he demonstrated Photoshop techniques and frequently Filter Forge. He was a big time fan and did some pretty unique things with it.
I also followed Mark Johnson for several years, even when he shared a web site with another photographer in 08 or 09.
I remember his enthusiasm for Filter Forge, now that you mention it. (Thanks for reminding me)

Mark has many videos on YouTube, including some on Filter Forge, which I will be watching. Unfortunately some of his videos are just previews, but there are a few full-length ones.

Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
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