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Painted Effect:

Duplicate layer.
Run high pass filter(filter, other, high pass) about 3.
Set blend mode to hard light.
Combine the layers(Shift/Ctrl/Alt/E) You can just flatten the layers.

Filter – stylize - Diffuse - anisotropic.
You can do this twice. You want to get a liquidy, smooth, painted look.

Unsharp Mask 150/.3/0

Smart Blur 3/12/High, Normal

You can also increase the contrast if need be.

Hi Anita,

Thanks so much for the Painted Effect Tut. I going to spend some time this afternoon with serveral of the forum tuts on some of my images.

My pleasure, John. I hope you post your results with the tutorial.

I like the effect your tutorial created. Here's what I did with it.

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Julie, that turned out so well. What precious children. I love the smiles on their faces. Nice job, Julie.

I copied that when you posted it on the PET forum and have used it often. In fact, that's how I finished off my main gallery image.

It is really a nice technique and I'm glad you posted the tutorial again over here.

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I'm a little slow here, but found time for fun!!
:thanks: Thanks to all who share these tuts! I'd never get this far without them



I've got some wedding pictures I am going to give it a try on. Thanks.

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