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Chas, it will work with elements. You should have the plug-in and a folder called impressionist accessories. They both go in the plug-in folder in elements.
suzib wrote: This is how I did the image below:


duplicate..convert to B/W..overlay
solid color adjustment layer used this color this time but think it was darker ( c2ab63) blend mode screen,or color dodge
merge down to the B/W
duplicate that layer..invert..stylize>find edges blend luminosity
duplicate top layer again blend multiply
duplicate top layer again
on all of these play with opacity to please you
merge all
duplicate again..texturizer..i used one called art paper. again play with opacity you can add a vignette
on mine I duplicated again took into OnOne frame it and add the effect you saw...again played with opacity and used soft light
that's it

link to art paper download

suzi i still wish i could have gotten the effect you did. I am gonna have to practice your tutorial. Maybe i need to try another type of picture. Future picture coming. :D
There is something missing in the zip file. The site says the zip file is 9.89mb. When I open the zip file (before extracting) the file is only 9.0mb. And to top it off,there is no Accessories line to extract in the zip file.
Something is not quite right.
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I thought mine was an 8mb?
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Finally got things squared away. Winzip classic had me going in circles. Does that make me a big wheel? :D
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Here's my attempt.

Artzy Tutorial web.jpg
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I tried with 2 other images first and decided the first one didnt have enough contrast and this effect is not suitable for people.. At work with a limited selection of pics I grabbed one from the gingerbread workshop we do every year! This house is dhs.. and yes that is ET I got such a good laugh out of this one.. thought I'd share! :rotfl:

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