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This is how I did the image below:

IMG_5452-copy.jpg (176.7 KiB) Viewed 3002 times

duplicate..convert to B/W..overlay
solid color adjustment layer used this color this time but think it was darker ( c2ab63) blend mode screen,or color dodge
merge down to the B/W
duplicate that layer..invert..stylize>find edges blend luminosity
duplicate top layer again blend multiply
duplicate top layer again
on all of these play with opacity to please you
merge all
duplicate again..texturizer..i used one called art paper. again play with opacity you can add a vignette
on mine I duplicated again took into OnOne frame it and add the effect you saw...again played with opacity and used soft light
that's it

link to art paper download

Great picture and I really appreciate the how to. I have downloaded the onOne demos and have been playing with them. I think I am going to budget some money to pick up some of there stuff. Which ones do you use?

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Suzi - thanks for the tutorial. I absolutely love how your picture turned out.
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Thank you, Ron and Sunny.
Ron, I have the essentials 2 and the photoframe pro 3.1. I use the photoframe and the enlarge(essentials 2) the most. The cut it out, I still have not been able to figure out.
Tx Suzi, looks like a neat effect. Will enjoy playing with. :thumbsup:
Thanks Suzi!! I have an image that I need to play with for my camera club. I think I will give that a try. :biggrin:
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Thanx Suzi,
I love this. I will give it a try later today.

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Really glad you posted it here for everyone to try.
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Suzi, thanks for the tutorial. I will definitely try this. It's a lovely photo.

You are most welcome all of you. So glad you like it
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