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Ok everyone, I need help.

I have done everything so far on the instructions but I am stuck on the second last line.
"-On the top image layer, you can apply a stroke or bevel or drop shadow."

I know how to get to the top image layer, but I do not know where the stroke, bevel or drop shadow gadgets are. I have only been playing in Elements since fall a bit so I am a real rookie.

I am using version 5.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

While you are answering this question you can tell me where I am to store this pic so I can show my result to everyone. I am on photobucket and flickr. hopefully I can use either one of those.
the bevel and drop shadows can be found under styles tab in your layers pallet. To add a stroke..there are several ways to do this. Here is one I use.
with you rectangular marquee tool draw a box around your image where you want it stroked, then go select>inverse. next go to layer>new via copy. That put it on its own layer. then ctrl click on that thumbnail in your layers palette. You should see marching ants. Now either fill that with a color or use a layer style on it.
If you need more help give a holler
Thank you for your help. :woohoo:

Now to the FAQ's to find out how I put it here.
If you need help...holler
My attempt. Thanks! I'll use this often!
first canon pics framed 006 copy (Custom).jpg
first canon pics framed 006 copy (Custom).jpg (45.88 KiB) Viewed 1272 times
Looks great, and welcome to the forum. Hope to see you here often.
Here's mine. I hope this works.


Ok i finally got it here, but I had to resize it really small. Now a question. Why do I have a white background. The photo was quite large but when I followed the tutorial it came out like this with the white background. I must have done something wrong somewhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

can you by any chance post a screenshot of your layers palette...also how did you resize it to post here.
going back and reading the tutorial, I think I see what might be the problem..what numbers did you type in for resize canvas??? and did you make sure it was in inches not pixels???
Ok I think I got it now. I did drag the anchor points far enough on the edges of canvas. When I went back to the psd file I was able to do that.


Well I got it on here but now it is such a tiny pic. What size should the pics be for this site. :)

By the way thks for the help. I hope I am not annoying too much.
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