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Oh, goodness! I used the "upload attachment" option at the bottom of the message, and attached the photo, which had been resized to 700 on the longest side, using "save for web," but it came out way too large. Help! How should I do this next time, without going back to Pixentral?

[Edit: Thanks, Judy and Jane. I changed it to 450 on the long side, and that's better. I'm thinking even smaller might be better yet. I'll get it all figured out eventually! Appreciate your helpful comments.]
linda mine worked at 500 pixels for the longest side. Hope this helps. If the scroll bar is there you can click on the picture to get rid of it.
500 on the longest side works better - I did mine at 450 on the longest side.

You can edit your post, delete the picture and try again.
I have posted the 'watercolor' that was the first I used the technique on in the first post with the instructions.

The one thing I left up to everyone was the use of frames, as everyone has their own way, which can be seen from those who have posted already.

This technique will not work on every picture, but have found it to do a good job on many (again see those who have posted their). I enjoy using this technique sooooo much, that I have used it on just about every picture I have taken. :lol:

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If you want to print just one post, simply use your cursor to highlight whatever you want to print. Go to the File>Print up in the menu. Choose print selection from the options. I use it all the time for printing just a portion. You usually can also copy (right click>copy) your selection and paste into a Word document for whatever documentation purpose you want.

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I've used your tutorial several times and find that some images work and others don't, just as you said. This is a scrapbook page I created at DDD using the watercolor tutorial for the main image.

Of course it is difficult to see detail here, so click on it for the larger Pixentral version.

CREDITS: Kit and Elements @ 2007 Laura Boetto film grain on gray background and recolored. Rectangle stroke complex groovy; arc stroke complex rivet; swirls complex groovy; rickrack complex denim; top rickrack and flower Leslie Casals July 30 DDD freebie recolored; DDD sponsored template. My photos of Harmony, CA, Pop. 18, Elev. 175. Watercolor technique by Dane (fdlite).
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I think it looks really good.

I haven't determined, but I think on those pictures that this technique doesn't work well on, maybe ( :?: ), it has to do with the picture resolution or size of the picture? Still trying to work that detail out when time allows.

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Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
Her is a recent watercolor I did of my friend's daughter. I called it Grandpa's Helper.
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Beautiful work. That is one of the best applications of the techniques that I have seen...and a great subject too!
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