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Susan asked me for the tut that I used to do a flower sketch in my gallery.
Here it is
It originaly came from Anita/ Westie mom nothing that I wrote.

Ctrl J to copy
Ctrl +shift+U to remove color
Ctrl J to copy the black and white layer. On this layer Ctrl I to invert.
change the blend mode to on the inverted layer to color dodge.
Go to filter, other, minimum. I used about 4

Now go back to the original layer with the color
Ctrl J to copy
drag that layer to the top and reduce the opacity.
Merge the top three layers so you're left with 2 layers.
Ctrl J to copy
Go filter, artistic, poster edges
play with the opacity until you have something you like.

flower-shop.jpg (79.07 KiB) Viewed 3263 times

Tina B
Thanks so much, Tina
Here is my attempt from this tutorial and I love the result. Deb
YOur sketch turned out really nice.
Tina B :thumbsup:
deb, what a cute photo! Your sketch looks great.

Wonderful job, Deb!
Thanks. Joined the site to learn and it is working!!
I joined to learn also - I enjoyed trying this technique!
It probably works better on inanimate objects, though - loved what it did with the wood-grain in the background.

How do you insert a picture into a post? I tried using the Img button to enclose the .jpg address in {img}{/img} but it's not showing in the preview so I've just provided the link.
Your sketch is very nice.
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