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'Fix my picture' poll

I would be interested in a weekly submission of a picture to fix
I am not much interested, I prefer other themes (creative, technical, photography)
No votes
I might submit images for retouching/correcting
I would participate in the thread (submitting retouches or discussing)
I would be interested in working with raw files
I would not be interested in working with raw files
Total votes : 72

I think this is a fantastic idea and a great learning opportunity! Let's go for it! :thumbsup:
jlwilm wrote: Well, It doesn’t have to be either/or, it could be both.

Kimi is suggesting (by my understanding) a fast paced competition with the winner being selected to post the next challenge/assignment. Neat idea and will keep’em coming back for more.

On the other had we could start a Fix My Pic thread and have at it.

To me the emphasis is or should be on providing new insight to members on how to do things – as much a learning experience as a challenge.

Which is why the really important thing is for participants to fess up and tell us what they did to get the result they go!

I agree with you, John. It can be both. My suggestion would be to let Kimi_boo define the rules of the challenge and start a new thread dedicated to this idea, so that she gets proposal of submission to start the challenge itself.
And, of course, anybody at any time could start their own discussion with their pictures as proposed by Suzi.
Only guideline: post in the Challenge yourself challenge with a subject beginning by 'Fix my picture by... " possibly with the number, for instance 'Fix my picture by MichelB #2'

About Don Diego's suggestion, it is obvious we should take advantage of Angelickim restoration thread!
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This sounds like an excellant learing curve,and I am thumbs up for it :thumbsup: ,however only thought is that it doesnt become another ''show your' imaginatoin'',is it definately going to be about putting a wrongly taken pic right, and not just having a play with it to creat somthing totally differant,dont mean to be a party pooper ,but its also very cool to learn how to correct things old and new too.
Min, check the threads. They already started this and I think they are on week 3 or 4 already.

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