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'Fix my picture' poll

I would be interested in a weekly submission of a picture to fix
I am not much interested, I prefer other themes (creative, technical, photography)
No votes
I might submit images for retouching/correcting
I would participate in the thread (submitting retouches or discussing)
I would be interested in working with raw files
I would not be interested in working with raw files
Total votes : 72

Very interested!
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Just to give you an example, look at Suzib's picture of Misty:
Don't be afraid with LR, ACR or raw!
You'll see that you can do it simply with ordinary Elements tools like levels and shadow/highlight. On the other hand photos taken by Point and shoot cameras often have specific problems and even DSLR users may have to edit photos for friends (or photos taken with their own camera phones...) We'll need such pictures to be submitted.
Michel B
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Michael i really like the idea. I have pse4 and do not have LR but i sure love to play. Sounds like something for everyone.
I don't have LR either (not yet...) and you could take advantage of raw even with PSE4: it's not a must, it's an option. But what is most important is learning to evaluate what has to be enhanced or corrected and then know how to use the main basic tools of your software. Even with the 'basic' edit tab in Elements, you can do a lot! A big problem with digital editing is that we have a plethora of tools. This gives the illusion that more tools, more options, more actions, plug-ins, presets etc. are a must to fix a picture. This is probably true for creative purposes, not so with sheer corrective actions. Even beginners have noticed that there are many ways to achieve a particular effect, especially with the full Photoshop! There are many reasons for that, compatibility with older versions, many user profiles...
My personal choice is to use few basic tools, to know them fairly well by practicing and trying to understand the underlying math occuring when changing pixels and finally knowing how to combine them together to simulate a variety of more sophisticated tools. But before using tools, I always try to analyse the original picture and try to pre-visualize the goal to achieve. An additional difficulty is that there is so much subjectivity in the evaluation of an image that it is not easy to know what your public ('customer') will like.
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There are many folks that don't know that you can edit JPEGS with ACR. This is just another option we have.
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I'm gonna throw this out there and maybe no one will like it.
I participate in a sooc challenge on another forum. I really enjoy it. :biggrin:

Here is my suggestion....
Let a person start it. They post their sooc image for download.
You take that image and process it anyway you like. Straight process, creative, etc.
Once we get the first 8 images we put up a poll. We leave the poll up for 2 days. The person that has the most votes has to post the next image.

I say 8 because I don't really know how many members we have here or how many would play in a given week. I am just throwing out a number. You want the thread to keep moving quickly.
The other forum is really large and the poll does not go up until there have been 20 images posted.
The winner gets a little icon banner that says... Award. Using mine as an example. Under it, it says total awards 2. Meaning I have been picked twice.
You also have to post what processing you have done. At least what you remember.

I know some people hate polls. Others feel intimidated by it. But I have to tell you...
watching what the others do and reading what their process was, I have really picked up some interesting information. It is really great to see all the different takes on that one image.
I feel like it would add a new dynamic to our forum.

ok... their is my suggestion. feel free to voice your opinions. This forum is for all of us. :biggrin:

and the whole raw verses jpeg is addressed by the fact that if you have a raw image you post a link to it and the converted jpeg. This way everyone is covered.
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I'd be interested in participating. I've got a couple of photos sitting on the computer that I'm just not sure what to do to fix. I'm hoping if I wait long enough enlightenment will come! I know with the scrapping challenges I had to just jump in and participate to get the hang of it and start churning out those pages. I guess fixing photos would be the same and I'd love to learn more about it.
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Well, It doesn’t have to be either/or, it could be both.

Kimi is suggesting (by my understanding) a fast paced competition with the winner being selected to post the next challenge/assignment. Neat idea and will keep’em coming back for more.

On the other had we could start a Fix My Pic thread and have at it.

To me the emphasis is or should be on providing new insight to members on how to do things – as much a learning experience as a challenge.

Which is why the really important thing is for participants to fess up and tell us what they did to get the result they go!
I love the idea of Fix my picture. However i am not much on feeling obligated to post the next image to work on. I love that if i have a picture that needs help i can post it for fixing, but if i dont have one i dont have.
This all sounds like a good learning experience for all of us. Whoo Hoo lets get it rolling.
Tina B
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