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This is done using Topaz Adjust and Topaz Simplify.
Ctrl J
Filter>Topaz> Adjust> Psychedelic preset
Lower opacity to about 85%
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-E to make a new layer
Filter> Simplify>Cartoon preset
Go to edges tab
Click Mono-normal
Change these settings edge strength 2
simplify edge .5

Go to Adjust tab - brightness .29
contrast .52
Click on Combine button , Click OK
Lower opacity of layer to 85%
Change blend mode to Darken.

If you have any questions let me know.

Thanks, Anita, can't wait to try it
Forgot to mention. I used a noise removal filter on the image before I started.

How strong of a noise removal did you use, Anita?
A before and after or Anita's tut


anita's-tut-before.jpg (213.31 KiB) Viewed 2416 times


anita's-tut-after.jpg (241.43 KiB) Viewed 2416 times
Thanks for the images, Suzi. Now, I can see why so many want Topaz. Your editing with Topaz produced beautiful results.
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Suzi, that looks great.

Darn, wish I hadn't seen this..........

Beautiful, now I have to download Simplicity and then see if it's within budget.
Fantastic tutorial Anita ... I think I did it right LOL

Here's my before"
before.jpg (209 KiB) Viewed 2290 times

And here's my after with Anita's tutorial:
anita-tutorial.jpg (134.56 KiB) Viewed 2289 times
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I love this but where do I get the Topaz what ever you used? I just love this and want to try it.
Tina B
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