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you can do 30 day trials
The kindness one does for an animal may not change the world. BUT, it will change the world for that one animal.

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Wow a bit pricey for me. I will just have to look and enjoy what everyone else is doing with this.
Tina B
I tried it out on a night shot.. Cool effect! Thanks for sharing it!

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Michelle K.
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Great results, Julie and Michelle. I like how the details are enhanced in both of these.

Saw this medal dog sculpture on my in-laws porch this weekend and thought it would be perfect to try this on. My attempt is in my gallery.

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Nice enhancements - those filters do really neat things that I'm currently not capable of doing without them.

For those wondering about Topaz filters you can read about them and down load the demos here:

Really fun stuff - they have specials from time to time. I was able to get 4 sets for $129 at a computer show.
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This is sooo not fare,reading and looking at all this,and not being able to join in, is like home made torture,!!!!.I think you ALL aught to switch your' computers of for one whole week,or at least untill I get mine back,it would be very healthy for you,and make me feel much happier!!.LOL. :D (I love Topaz :love: )
Yeah, that's gonna happen. :rotfl: The couple of days I went without my laptop when my hard drive crashed was enough for me. No way am I going a week without. I do know how you feel though, I suffer withdraw when I am busy with newsletters and can't be on the forum as much.

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Switch off my computer???? :o :crying: :o I'm afraid I'm one of these poor computer addicts, who needs a computer fix every day. I've got my fingers crossed that you'll get your computer back soon, Min.

You can get the Topaz effects from

They have a 30 day trial package which includes Adjust, Clean2, Simplilfy, Denoise, Remask, Detail, and Jpeg. It's a full working version of each using one 30 day trial registration #. Price is just under $180 for all of it - they are also available individually.

I downloaded it yesterday and now I have a crick in my neck because I have not left my computer.

Here's just a quick re-touch that I did with it.

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