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I recently did a quick explanation on Flickr on how to imitate the look of an old-fashioned Cyanotype.

I could probably work on it for longer (I'd love to give it a more glossy look) but here's a quick method.....

I've put five sample backgrounds on my Photo Club website.....

You'll need to open one of the above files (they're at 240ppi, so quite big), rotate to suit your image if necessary and change the colour to a blue.- I suggest #0d224d but you could go darker. It's best to select the white areas and then invert so that you select only the black parts, then use the paintpot with that blue colour. Deselect when you're done. Don't bother to crop anything off the background just yet - you'll need the space at this stage.

Choose the image you want to put over the background. I suggest converting it to a black and white with a good contrast. For a slightly different look, you could also use the same blue as above to make a Gradient Map (Foreground to Background) - you'll need the background to be white or just off-white. That will get you a split-toned image.

Open the background, painted image. Then drag your main image over to it. Make the edges fall outside the boundaries of the blue painted effect (either stretch or shrink the image with the handles). Set the Blend Mode to Lighten or Screen, but try a couple of others, like Linear Dodge and Color Dodge..... you may like the effects.

Flatten when you're happy.
PSE6 on WinXP, Pentax K10d...... and now a Canon G10.

Sorry, I could only put five URLs on a message, so here's the one I did before.....
PSE6 on WinXP, Pentax K10d...... and now a Canon G10.

Thanks, Geoff, can't wait to try it
Thanks for the fabulous borders Geoff! I love them all!
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Wow this is a really cool technique. Thank you I can't wait to try it.
Geoff, thanks for the tut and the great borders. Here's my try.

Horse.jpg (91.27 KiB) Viewed 4294 times
Spot on Anita! Looks very nice.......... it's not a technique suitable for everything but, used sparingly it might be rather nice. I was just thinking of perhaps a quartet of pictures - all of the same flower - given the same treatment but with different colours.

PSE6 on WinXP, Pentax K10d...... and now a Canon G10.

Geoff, Thanks for the cool borders! I may be doing something wrong, because those blend modes were not working for me. For a simple technique, I sure had trouble! :oops: I had to look up cyanotype.

Oh well, I thought these 2 eventually turned out allright.



Wow, Courtney - they're perfect! Yes, the Blend Mode is the probably the part which is very flexible and a matter of taste.
The use of Gradients is, in some ways, similar to the Elements Tutorial I did last year about split-toning.

PSE6 on WinXP, Pentax K10d...... and now a Canon G10.

Thanks Geoff for the tut and the great borders! Here's my effort!


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