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Christell sent me this tutorial for the newsletter that never was. Her original tutorial is in Microsoft Works format and includes a few images that I can't figure out how to save outside the document to post here so I am also including a link so you can download her original tutorial if you want it. I am also including a 4shared linked in case the direct download link doesn't work.

At the bottom on the tutorial here are two links to finished images in Christell's gallery. ... XTURI.html


I am using PSE8 but this will work in any version.

Make a NEW folder (I named mine TEXTURIZER PSD’S)
Put this folder where you want to save all your texturizers created (I put mine on my Desktop)
Open a background texture.
Ctrl. J to duplicate.
Highlight duplicate layer & sharpen with your favorite method.
Go to FILE>SAVE AS & find the folder you created & Save in that folder.
I always SAVE AS a PSD file & also SAVE AS a JPEG.
This way I have the photo of the texturizers that I created in the same folder. I also save them with the same name of the texture from when I download them.

To apply these texturizers:
Open up a photo you would like to apply a texturizer to.
Ctrl. J to duplicate. Highlight the duplicated layer.
Go to Filter>Texture>Texturizer.
When the menu pops up Click on the arrow to the right of Texture. (See photo below)

This will bring down a box that says LOAD TEXTURE. Click on LOAD TEXTURE. This will bring up your folders screen.

Navigate to your NEW folder that you created & saved the texturizers in.
All the PSD’s will show up with their saved names.
Click on one of them & click OPEN.
It will now show up in the TEXTURE box & you will see it on your photo.
The texturizer will be clear on your photo.
Adjust the SCALING & RELIEF sliders to the amount you like the result it is giving.
Also try checking & unchecking the INVERT box which will change the look of it also.
If you don’t like the result it is giving cancel it & try another one following the same steps as above.
When you are satisfied with the result click OK.
On the layer you applied the texturizer, rename it the texturizer you used. This will help if you want to use it again you will know the one used.

Also, you can try out several texturizers on one photo following the step below:
When you complete one layer with a texturizer, duplicate that layer & go to Filter>Texture>Texturizer again & apply a different one. Adjust the sliders & click OK.

The main thing in making these is to have fun playing around & seeing what you can come up with.

Here are a couple of examples of the results from Christell.

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Thanks for taking the time to post this.
Christell's Creations

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Christell this is an excellent tutorial. I discovered how to do this quite by accident and love experimenting with psds. You can get some really neat results.
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