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this is a fun painting technique.
I will post if anyone would like to try this one. It is an old tutorial that has been around for a long time and I just found it again and began to play with it.
Tina B
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Beautiful, Tina. Would love to see the tut!!
I did not write this tut it came from a memeber of another forum his name is Dane.
Here is the Watercolour tutorial.

1. Open image
2. Ctrl J (dup the image)
3. Rename this layer Dry Brush
Go to Filter -> Artistic -> Dry Brush (I made my setting 2, 10, 1)
(Note: Good idea to play with other Artistic options.)
4. Ctrl J (dup) the Dry Brush layer and rename to Smart Blur
- Go to Filter -> Blur -> Smart Blur (these settings are high, but play around with them, anyway what I being using are 15.6, 51.2, low and Edge Only). This will make the layer Black with white lines.
- Crtl I to Invert to black lines on white
- From the Layer Palette, Blending Mode -> Soft Light
- Enhance -> Adjust Color -> Adjust Hue/Saturation to 0, +70, +5 (want to lighten the colors a little.)

Ok the fun part, one more layer.
5. New layer that is created using the Create Adjustment Layer (round button that is half black, half with in the layer palette) and select Solid Color and pick white as the background (rename layer to paint) . Everything should appear white (until you start 'painting').

Make sure that your Color Picker is Black for painting.

Now select your Brush, I've been using the Wet Media Brush -> Heavy Flow and Size first to around 125-150 and the Brush Opacity low around 9. Go over the this layer (paint) starting around the center and going out. The more you go over the more of a build up there will be.

. Thru out the 'painting' change the Brush Opacity (but not going over 23 or so) and brush sizes (max I have been going is 175 and low end is really low). Remember to use short strokes ...

Zoom into the paint layer and in different areas darken some of the shadows (this is were I lower the size of my brush a lot). If you darken to much, remember that by changing back to white will lighten (just remember to change back to black )

Once you are happy go to Filter -> Texture -> Texturizer ->(pick the one you like) Canvas is what I being using and set the settings to 61, 9, top right.

Ctrl F to apply the texture again.

You may want to paint a little after the texture is apply in a few areas, this will 'soften' some of the texture.

Framing is left up to you and what you like.

Have fun!
Glad you like the tutorial Tina, it is also on this forum too. It can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=47

I have been wanting to update this tutorial, but haven't had the time.

Knight Reflections

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Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?
if you follow the steps it still works just fine. Thanks Dane
Tina B
Thank you for the tutorial. You have inspired me to try this. It will be my first time doing something like this, do I post my image in here?
Yes Pat you can post your finished project here. Looking forward to seeing your water color.
This was fun.
Nicely done, Judy! I love the statue too.

Courtney , we have been unable to go on very many vactions. But i love the statues i was able to photo when we went to California. Such a treasure of memories for me.
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