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While searching for a water color tutorial I came across this fun turotial. I know it was around before but for those who are new it is a funky thing to try.
This little tutorial was part of some home work posted by Kimi sometime last year. It really does not have much value but it sure is fun to see what you can create.

Open a new document (any size)

Pick the gradient tool and then choose chrome. ( found in the default gradients )

Set difference on the tool bar on the top and pick the liner gradient.

Draw several lines until you like what you see.

Now pick the radial gradient and make some small lines to add some circles.
All of this is done on the same layer. It just makes some funky designs with really neat colors. Give it a try.
Is the tutorial you are referring to, if so it is fun
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Yes, that is the one
Have fun.
Tina B
I will play friday. I really enjoyed kimis homework.
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