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We are going to create some frames around the interesting parts of the image.

Open the Layers palette and create a new layer above the Background layer, and fill it with black. As you will no longer be able to see the picture image, go to the top of the Layers palette and reduce the opacity of the black layer to about 40%. You will now be able to see the feint image underneath. To help us draw the frames go to View>Show>Grid and tick it. Again go to View>Snap To>Grid and make sure it is ticked.

With the Foreground colour set at white, use the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the areas that you want to frame. With the selection active go to Edit>Stroke and add a 3 pixel stroke. Repeat this for all the frames. You can now restore the opacity to 100%, and use Control+' to remove the grid.

All you have to do now is to use the Magic Wand Tool to select inside all the panels and hit the delete key, and your image will appear in all the frames.


Jack this was really fun to do. I followed your directions. Then instead of squares i used the rectagular marqee with a feather of 25 and deleted it from the black layer. I also used yellow for my frame stroke and applied a gaussian blur. Great easy tutorial Jack.
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Now that looks nice, Jack & ladybug! :chickendance:
Thank you Jim. Hope you find time to join in the fun.
Lovely image Judy. If I could just make a comment on the composition. From experiment I found that keeping the pictures close together works best. Otherwise they will look like separate images. From my perspective, it has to appear as the same image spread over all the frames.

I agree Jack.
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