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Straightening Images in Photoshop

Talked to a friend recently who got CS3 the same time I did and he was lamenting the lack of the straightening tool in CS3.

Well there is one, although it is a little obscure.

So, here it goes:

To straighten in CS3

Select the Ruler Tool – Press the letter I on the keyboard to activate and then look for the tool selected. If your Toolbar is the default view it will be about 7 up from the bottom. It may look like the eye-dropper tool or the color sampler tool. Click and hold, then scroll down to the Ruler.

Now, pick a “line" in your image that should either be level or straight up and down. For level, click on either the left or right edge, hold the left mouse key down and drag along the line to the opposite side. Release the left mouse button.

Next, click on Image, Rotate Canvas, Arbitrary. Seems kind of strange, but Photoshop will calculate the angle of your line and plug it in here, and will also make a determination of CW or CCW – clock wise or counter clock wise.

Click OK to accept the Photoshop calculation and your image is rotated to straight.

If you pick a vertical line – say the side of a building – same result – straight picture.
Wow, that is a great tip, thank you so much. Copying and pasting it to my notebook
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