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I posted this in the 1st Creativity Challenge,but I'll add it here in case anyone missed it. And I'm getting tired of seeing the 0's for this part of the board. :mrgreen: I'll post another later if I can find another short one as typing fast for me means using 2 fingers.

Select Image->Adjustments->Channel Mixer.(You'll have to click"open all menu items" to find this) You can change the settings to lessen or intensify the effect. Just be sure all your adjustments total 100%.
For Red Channel, choose +130% for Red, -15% for Green, -15% Blue (Total 100%)
For Green Channel, choose -15% for Red, +130% Green, -15% for Blue, (Total 100%)
For Blue Channel, choose -15% for Red, -15% Green, +130% for Blue (Total 100%)

Couldn't be simpler!
Thanks Jeff, going to see if I can get it to work in elements using graffi's channel mixer
Jeff, could you post a picture using your tut, so I can see what it should look like. Please
Suzi,I'm heading for work right now but I'll add a screenshot of the mixer and a Before & After pic when I get home from work tonight. Its pretty bad when you don't have to be to work until 3:00 PM and still manage to run late everyday! :P
Thanks alot Jeff.
Hope this helps suzi. Its a BIG screenshot showing both the before & after and the channel mixer. Of course the top photo is the after. It could have been a little more muted but... The channel mixer shows the blue channel set at +150 and the red & green each at -25 to total 100. The Green channel is set accordingly Green,+150 and red & blue at -25. Red channel,+150 & green & blue at -25. I'm going to try an action for this this weekend but I don't know if it would be any easier considering you'd have to set the channel mixer anyway. I think you can enter presets into the channel mixer that might be just as handy.
thanks Jeff, I am trying to do this with graffi's channel mixer seeing as how I only have elements 5. First time it came out pinkish. I am hopeing I had the numbers wrong. Will post you a picture if I get it right.
Jeff, trying your tut but have 2 one place you say +130 and in another it is +150( which is the right number or are they both right). So far on the 130 one all I am seeing is a slight color boost. Is that right.
Actually depending on the photo and/or your personal taste,either of them could be right though the truck is really vivid. The one I did of your pumpkins in the creativity challenge was set at +190-45-45. The idea is just to over saturate the colors and make them a bit more vivid. Maybe try yours at +140-20-20 and if you don't like that keep working up. Heres the link to the Wikipedia page that has a couple examples of Velvia film photos. Theres probably more if you follow the links at the bottom. I like that term,"Crayola Chrome"! :mrgreen: I think I'll make an action for this in Photoshop. I'll just set the mixer at +110-5-5 and it can be repeated until you get the effect you're looking for. It should work. 8-)
I tried Graffis Channel Mixer and it turned the photo to monochrome and I don't have that checked? I must be doing something wrong.
Norwester wrote:
I tried Graffis Channel Mixer and it turned the photo to monochrome and I don't have that checked? I must be doing something wrong.

For me, Graffis Channel Mixer works. I wonder if you can get a similar result in Elements by using the smartcurve plugin from easy.filter, with the Lab or HSL mode? I'll have to test that.
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