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Figured out how to do something cool! Read a tutorial on pasting 3D images from some other program into PS and it gave me an idea! :idea:

So here you go!

sugars page.jpg
sugars page.jpg (105.42 KiB) Viewed 6505 times

You will need a snazzy background layer.. Anything you like will do. ( I used kimis cool gradient trick)
Then create a new layer and fill with black.. or any color you like.
Add a layer mask to this layer.
Now open your channels palette and you will see at the bottom a layer for your masking layer.
Make this layer visible and click on it. You can use any shapes or brushes to make a pattern on this layer.
When done, just click the eyeball back off and go back to your layers palette.
Everything you did in the channels pallette is now on your layer mask.

Cool, huh!! It's kind of like those crafts where you scrape the black crayon off to show your perty colors..
Try it out and have fun!
Michelle K.
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That is cool Michelle. :biggrin:

Reminds me of a homework assignment I posted ages ago. I wonder where it is?
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Great job, Michelle! Kimi, I was thinking about that assignment yesterday, I will see if I still have on the pc somewhere
I like that, Michelle. I also like your Chi. :wave:
Ahh.. I see you are also a Chi lover.. :P

Such cute little high maintenance sweeties..
Michelle K.
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PSE 5-6, CS3
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